It's going to be a beautiful few days across Western New York, as we enjoy the last several weeks of the unofficial time period of summer. Technically, the third week of September is when summer ends, but for many it ends on Labor Day.

The weather was gorgeous on Wednesday afternoon in West Seneca, as I decided to get some errands done before I prepared for a three-day weekend out of town.

I've driven down Ridge Road in West Seneca many times before but I saw something on Wednesday that I have not seen before on all my drives down Ridge.

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I saw four cars pulled over on Ridge Road in the span of about 15 minutes.

I saw one vehicle pulled over by an officer near the ramp to the 90-eastbound. Then on the way back 15 minutes later, I saw three more vehicles all pulled over between Ridge and Abbott. Two on Ridge and the other on the ramp to the 90-east.

For the record, there are speed traps from time to time on Ridge. The reason for this is because motorists speed into the 30 mph zone as you cross into Lackawanna, which can be dangerous as many pedestrians walk down Ridge.

Still, I have never seen so many cars pulled over on one stretch of road before in Western New York. It looked like the West Seneca PD made an effort to crack down on speeding this afternoon.

Don't speed. It's not worth it and just because you have never been caught doing it, doesn't mean that won't change.

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