The busiest travel time of the year is here and millions of New Yorkers will be heading out to see family and friends. The roads and the skies will be full and some are saying that this year may be a record-setter.

When you fly, you most likely rush to check in on time so you can get the best possible seat and hopefully get in the boarding group that gets you on the plane the fastest. It is so frustrating when you board and the overhead bins are filled up and you can't place your bags anywhere.

However, for parents who fly with kids, there are additional frustrations as some airlines are tacking on additional fees for those families. At least one lawmaker from New York State is trying to get those fees eliminated.

Senator Schumer feels that the legislation will have the support he needs to get the law passed eventually. It likely won't happen for this Holiday season. But the good news is that someone is keeping an eye on these fees that families are getting hit with.

We have four kids under 7 years old and flying with them sounds like a huge challenge. We choose to drive in most cases. It is not only because of the fees. It is mostly due to the fact that we know keeping them all under control on the entire flight is very difficult at their ages. IF we ever fly as a full family, we need to take up an entire row with one parent in the middle seat on each side of the aisle. That is not an easy thing to schedule.

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