You know how it goes, too. Every other city thinks that Buffalo is CONSTANTLY dealing with snow and when we see other cities completely shut down due to snow we all think: 'really'?

Nashville shut down for 3 days this week from snow. They only had a couple of inches, but that meant no airport. No schools. No nothing.

So, when talking to people in Nashville in the music industry this week they were asking some questions about the snow in Buffalo and we had to share because they were comical, but very serious.

"Do you guys play in it every time in snows?" (they can't get over you can play in the snow).

"Do you guys have so many days off because of all the snow"? (they think we have months off because, you know, the snow shuts them down the second they get it"?

"Where do you put it all?"

"Do you guys wear snow shoes a lot?" (they think in order for us to walk out of our homes we need special shoes LOL) 

My absolute favorite though: "How big is your shovel"? (keep in mind, they do not sell snow shovels there, so their garden shovels is as best as it gets down there). 

After answering all the questions, it made me realize that in Western New York, we deal with completely different weather situation and although, it can be annoying some times, I would not change that for other weather.

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