Now that summer is here in Western New York that also brings road construction season. Some roadwork scheduled for the 290 could impact your daily commute.

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The roadwork is scheduled to take place on the 290 eastbound between the 190 and Exit 1 and there will be lane closures that could cause some traffic delays.

The roadwork will start on July 6th at 7 pm and the lane closures are expected to take place between 7pm and 6am each day with the 290 completely closed between 9pm and 6am.

The New York State Department of Transportation announced that a detour will be posted along Sheridan Drive.

They are also reminding motorists to obey all the posted speed limit signs in the work zone. The New York State fines for speeding are doubled in work zones. Also, anyone who has two or more convictions for speeding in a work zone could have their driver's license suspended by the state.

You are also encouraged to move over if there are construction vehicles on the road.

The roadwork is expected to last at least two weeks but it could be more depending on weather and if the crews run into any issues.

I am glad that they have decided to do this work during the overnight hours. Traffic is already busy along the 290 and it gets even crazier near the intersection with the 190. I drive along that route a couple of times a week for my son's soccer practices and I know that the alternative route would be much slower getting back home.

Hopefully, with the work starting later at night, your commute won't be impacted by this roadwork.

Also, don't forget this is just the beginning of road construction season, so make sure you listen every day or download our app to get the latest information on roadwork and closures.

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