There is a new law that is being proposed that would aim to crack down on those who "roll coal" from their trucks. Maybe you have seen this before? The smoke cloud that lingers behind a diesel truck when they hammer on the accelerator from a stop or when cruising down the road. The law would pertain to the equipment placed on the vehicle that makes rolling coal possible.

Senate Bill S686

Prohibits certain devices which enhance a vehicle's capacity to emit soot, smoke or other particulate emissions

This argument has been ongoing and hasn't really moved much. The most recent action has it holding in committee.


The purpose of this bill is to prohibit the practice of "rolling coal," or retrofitting diesel-powered vehicles with equipment to enhance the vehicle's capacity to blast out harmful soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions.

Those with diesel trucks (or cars) have seen an insane increase in the price of diesel fuel here in New York State and across the USA. It has a major impact on everything we buy as MOST of the economy depends on trucks and trains for transporting goods.

The price of fuel these days has also brought out thieves who are looking to score gas or diesel from your car or truck.

Diesel prices have soared to over $6 per gallon in some areas and things don't look much better ion the near future. The American economy depends on trucks and the hard working men and women that drive them from coast to coast. But now there is a new worry that truckers are faced with. Theft of fuel from trucks and truck stops has become a big issue across the country.

There are some products available that may help to protect the fuel in a big rig's tank.

But it is not just diesel fuel that thieves are after these days. The soaring gas prices are making people desperate and there have been reports of gas being taken from cars. In some cases, holes are being drilled in to gas tanks!

There’s a new warning about a crime that some are linking to the high price of gas – thieves drilling into vehicle gas tanks to steal fuel.

Newer vehicles have an anti-rollover valve that relieves pressure in the tank and also prevents would-be thieves from siphoning gas, according to AAA, so crooks are bypassing the valve and drilling right into the underside of the c

The best advice is to park your car in a safe spot or under a light if possible. Many of the thefts occur after dark or overnight.

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