There's something about a good old fashioned road trip that just makes us feel alive: good friends, good music, and new places to explore around every bend. See also: townie bars.We're pretty restless around here anyway, but this video just intensifies our craving for weekend adventure. If you've never taken a cross-country journey, this video will make you want to pack your bags, charge your iPod, load up on 5 Hour Energy, and locomote. T

The 3-minute time lapse video covers the 2,451 mile journey of one driver from one end of Route 66 in Chicago, to the other end in Los Angeles. We see famous landmarks, changing scenery, weird people and animals; time lapse makes everything look awesome. The song? We muted it.

You can get more information about the trip right here to help you start planning your own adventure. Also, can we come? We're excellent navigators.

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