When is it officially OK to break out your fall boots? After Labor Day? After the first official day of fall? When your toes get cold?

No matter what theory you ascribe to, we're there!

If you haven't unpacked last year's boots, Runner's Roost (4190 N Buffalo Road, Orchard Park) has a promotion coming up that might be worth opening that closet or storage bin: From Oct. 11 to Oct. 14, bring in a pair of gently used boots to Runner's Roost and receive up to $50 off a new pair of UGG boots. (Cannot be combined with other offers and cannot combine multiple boot donations toward a single pair of UGGs.)

The used boots will be donated to a local woman's shelter, so it's a win-win for everyone!

This comes at the perfect time. My wife "casually" mentioned to me that this sale was almost here and that she needed a new pair of UGGs before the winter. It just so happens we have a few pair of UGGs that we can donate to this great cause as well!

Runner's Roost has all the latest fall colors and styles for men, women and kids — plus UGG care kits and protectant spray. (UGGs are known for their incredible warmth from the thick layer of lambs wool that covers the inside of the boots.So stop on in today — and tell them I sent you!