Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a fan favorite since his days here in Buffalo.  Now, when rumors start of his retirement, a lot of players have begun to chime in.

As I write this article, NFL.com is calling it an unofficial announcement from Ryan Fitzpatrick after a tweet from his former teammate surfaced about his retirement.  It was a tweet that showed a screenshot of text containing a picture of all the names of players that he's played with.  Most people are beginning to think it's a done deal.

I mean, just look at all the names included there!

He's played on more teams than any player I can remember in recent history.  He started his career when the Rams were still in St. Louis.  He spent two years there, then another two in Cincinnati before coming to Buffalo.  He played here under Chan Gailey and had what seemed to begin giving Bills fans hope again.  After years of losing with quarterbacks like Todd Collins, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, and a bunch more.  Fitzpatrick made it fun to watch the Bills again.

Unfortunately he couldn't stay here.  Although his 4 years in Buffalo were the longest he stayed in any city, he went on to play in Tennessee, Houston, New York (Jets), Tampa Bay, and Miami.  His last team was the Washington Commanders (although they were still the "Washington Football Team" at the time) where he ended his season after a hip subluxation (that's what happens when the ball of your hip comes out of the socket).

He certainly made his way around the NFL and made a ton of fans, not just in the stands, but also on the field with him.  He really did have a "magical career" and he will be missed in the NFL.  He should retire as a Buffalo Bill.

If he is in fact retiring...we haven't heard it from him just yet!

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