If you were worried that you were going to have to make a choice to watch the Sabres or Bills on Saturday, they've fixed that for you.

Saturday night, the Buffalo Sabres were going to play against the Florida Panthers in a 90s themed night for their fans.  There are more than 20 Sabres alumni coming to the game.

However, the NFL just announced that the Bills will be playing a playoff game on Saturday evening too.  So that would make Buffalo fans have to choose.  Do you watch hockey?  Or do you watch the Bills in the playoffs?

Now you don't have to choose.  The Sabres have made a game time change to accommodate the Bills on Saturday.

Their official statement said:


"We are happy to announce this start time change so that all of our fans can enjoy the Buffalo Bills playoff game on Jan. 4 after our Sabres game.  Buffalo has a great tradition of all of our teams and fans supporting each other, and we want to make sure we can accommodate everyone the best way possible. We would like to thank the Florida Panthers organization for their understanding and willingness to change the start time." - Buffalo Sabres Co-Owner and President Kim Pegula


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