There are so many things that give you anxiety these days. Post COVID pandemic, we have all had our share of worry and fears to navigate and deal with. However, the latest worry is that a large satellite will fall and land on earth soon.

We have three little kids at the house and we love to use their telescope to check out the night skies! From planets to stars, there are so many treasures to be seen through the telescope at night.

According to reports, NASA is giving the heads up that the retired Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager spacecraft, or RHESSI, will drop to Earth today or tomorrow after over two decades in orbit.

There are many things that are floating high above the earth that you may never see. NYPOST reports that:

NASA estimated in 2021 that some 27,000 pieces of space junk are floating in orbit — not including the potentially disruptive and destructive debris that remains “too small to be tracked.”

When you were a kid, did you dream of being an astronaut? At our house, the kids LOVE watching the movie, "Toy Story". Buzz Lightyear is our middle son's favorite and he dreams of one day flying to infinity and beyond.

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