It's kind of sad what people will do to get a few dollars from generous people.  I wanted to make you aware of a scam that someone reported to our friends at WNYHeroes.

Evidently, someone is calling people to solicit donations for a local organization that helps to support American Veterans in WNY. You've heard us talking about them on the air.  It's WNYHeroes and according to Chris Kreiger, they will never call to ask for donations over the phone.


I just received a phone call from one of our supporters. She states that someone called her asking for a donation to be made to WNYHeroes. When she questioned them and stated that she is already a supporter, they immediately hung up. The phone number is 801-921-8159 from Utah.

WNYHeroes will NEVER call asking for donations via phone. Should you receive any type of call like this, please just hang up and call our office right away at 716-630-5020

Please share this on your Facebook page so that people are aware BEFORE they receive that call.

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