This past weekend I received two text alerts, from what claimed to be M&T Bank, telling me my account was locked and I had to click a link to unlock it. No surprise, it's a scam. I deleted it immediately.

According to WGRZ, now both M&T and the Amherst Police Department are warning people of the relentless phishing scam.

M&T says to never give personal information via email or text and they would never text alerts like this. Ignore and delete the message is the best move.

"We recently learned of a scam involving text messages advising that your M&T accounts or cards have been restricted. Sensitive personal and account information is requested. Please do not respond to these malicious requests and never provide your information to unsolicited texts, emails, or calls."

This is what the scam text looks like:

These scammers might send multiple text to make people believe their account has been locked -- even sending texts to people who don't even use M&T Bank...just don't click the link and delete the message.

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