Josh Allen seems like he can do anything.  Now, he's even teaching kids about music...and he's not even in the classroom!

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Josh Allen is a guy who had to send letters to every single college he could find just to get them to consider taking him.  He sent letters to hundreds and got a response from one.  Then when the draft came around, there were plenty of people who didn't believe in him there either.  People were super mad that we chose him over some guy named Josh Rosen.

Don't get me wrong.  Josh Allen still has plenty of doubters.  But here in Buffalo, it's hard to find someone who loves the Bills and still doesn't believe in him.  His story is amazing.

He's even become a way that teachers are teaching their students about music.  Take for example, Miss Mosier's class at Lewiston Porter school.  She's a first-grade teacher there and here you can see her teaching her students about patterns, cadence, and beats.


If you missed what they were saying, they're chanting, "Josh has talent. Josh has speed. Josh jumped over Justin Reid."

They're obviously singing about Josh Allen's incredible hurdle of Kansas City Chief's player Justin Reid who Josh jumped over to secure a first down late against the Chiefs on Sunday night.

Now all they have to do is work on the Shout! song and they'll be all ready to go.  They've got a couple of weeks to work on it too.  The Bills are on their bye week this week and will return to Highmark Stadium in two weeks to play the Green Bay Packers.

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