It’s the newest weapon in the war against obesity.  It’s called The Bite Counter and it’s a device that’s been designed to help people to not overeat.

It looks just like a watch and is worn while you eat.  When people eat, there’s a certain wrist roll motion that can be counted by this device when people take a bite.

So why not just pay attention to how much you’re eating?  According to Researchers at Clemson University, where it was developed, people grossly underestimate how much they’re eating and this device actually tells you how many bites you’re taking.  There’s a concrete number that is associated with every meal.  All the user has to do is press a button when they start eating and again after they’re finished.

Some people might ask:  What about people that take bigger bites?  Isn’t it better to take smaller bites for better digestion?  What if I just stop using my hands to eat?  (Ok…that last one’s just a joke.  But really…that’s not gonna help me lose weight!)

Obviously the work involved with losing weight is up to you.  But this is a device that's meant to be used as a tool to help you along your way.


[Photo courtesy of user santheo]