Jim Kelly's nephew was making headlines months ago as an up and coming quarterback with big league aspirations.  Unfortunately, the headlines he's making now are not as promising.  The Buffalo News is reporting that the former St. Joe's standout, Chad Kelly was arrested over the weekend after getting in a fight with a bouncer at a bar in Buffalo.

This is just the latest for the aspiring quarterback who seemed to have a very bright future ahead of him.  However, after being dismissed from Clemson for conduct detrimental to the team, he just signed an agreement to play with Ole Miss days ago.

Over the weekend, Kelly got in a scuffle inside Encore nightclub that ended with him threatening to go to his car to get his AK-47 and "spray the place".

Buffalo police officers responding to that alleged threat stopped a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup truck in which Kelly was a passenger at 458 Pearl.

Kelly was forcibly removed from the vehicle, officers said. Police said Kelly kicked and tried to swing at officers as they removed him from the vehicle. They said he resisted getting into a patrol vehicle and struggled with staff at central booking.

Kelly faces multiple charges including third-degree assault, second-degree harassment, second-degree menacing, resisting arrest, fourth-degree criminal mischief and second-degree obstructing governmental administration.