Everyone knows that the Buffalo Bills have to win as many games as they can if they still want to secure a spot in the playoffs. 

Fortunately, it is still possible, and in their game against the New York Jets, it is looking good. 

The Bills were able to capitalize on a Jets fumble to start the game, and Bass has been accurate with hitting his field goals, putting Buffalo on the board with their first 9 points. 

Ahead of the game, tickets for the game significantly dropped in price, and while the majority of fans are rooting for Buffalo, there are quite a few people wearing green in the crowd – and you can hear the cheers and boos from both teams. 

At halftime, the Buffalo Bills have a lead against the New JERSEY Jets, and it has everyone riled up at Highmark Stadium. The score is 16-6 as we enter halftime.

However, the Bills Mafia is by far the most dedicated and spirited fanbase, so if a Bills fan wants to deliver a message, they will stretch their vocal cords as much as they can in order to spread the word. 

One Bills fan was heard yelling at Josh Allen from the CBS Broadcast of the game. During the first quarter, you could clearly hear his message to his QB:

I love you, Josh Allen….I love you, Josh!

This is exactly the energy we need as fans if we want to fire up our hometown team. We KNOW that they are the comeback team, the one that can shock everyone in the final push. While there are 7 games left in the season and it’s a tough schedule, with the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Dolphins among the remaining teams – we can do this!

You just gotta Billieve. 🙂

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