The Buffalo Bills (6-6) are preparing for their very important week 14 game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Bills have to either go 4-1 or 5-0 in their remaining five games to make the playoffs, and even going 4-1 doesn't guarantee a spot as a wild card team. They have to win this game against the Chiefs.

However, on Thursday, the game on Sunday took a backseat to a very compelling article that was put together by Go Long TD's Tyler Dunne.

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Dunne is a journalist who has written about both the Bills and Green Bay Packers, and he hosted the Isaiah McKenzie Show when he was still playing for the Bills.

On Thursday morning, Dunne published a three-part article, detailing Bills head coach Sean McDermott's time at One Bills Drive and the work culture there between coaches and players alike. The article has been divisive between Bills fans, but one part has gone national.

Back in 2019 at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY, McDermott addressed his team. He was talking about being good communicators and referenced the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 as an example of people who were able to get on the same page to “orchestra” attacks to perfection.

You can read the full article at Go Long TD.

McDermott addressed the comments he made to the media today and said he regretted saying it and apologized to the team immediately after saying it.

Another part of the article referenced when the Bills wide receivers bought former wide receivers coach Chad Hall a new truck. The video was posted on Instagram by McKenzie and it was a very heartwarming moment for a coach they all loved.

However, sources say that McDermott was not happy with it. He thinks coaches shouldn’t be friends with the players. It shocked players at One Bills Drive.

The article from Dunne is becoming a huge national story.

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