Sean McDermott has been a building block in changing the culture at One Bills Drive and from the looks of things, fans are super glad that he's here.

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Who is Sean McDermott?

Sean McDermott is the head coach for the Buffalo Bills.  He came to the team in 2017 to come in and switch things up.  He followed a very boisterous Rex Ryan that promised that it was "about to be on" for the Bills.  Ryan went 15-16 in his two seasons with the Bills.

McDermott came in as a much quieter coach.  It was his first job as a head coach after serving as a defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers.

McDermott Named One of the NFL's Most Loved Coaches

There was a study done by Betway that looked at the number of times coaches were mentioned on Twitter and how favorable the tweets were that came through.  Of all the coaches in the NFL, McDermott placed in the top 5 with over 90,000 tweets and a positive online sentiment score of 20.7%.  Before you say, "20 percent positive doesn't seem like a very high score, keep in mind that the coach that came in at #1 on the list was Doug Pederson of the Jacksonville Jaguars at 26.2%.

Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions came in at #2 followed by Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs and former Bills Offensive Coordinator and current New York Giants coach Brian Daboll at numbers 3 and 4 respectively.

Last on the list was former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury.  He was fired in January.

What makes a good coach a good coach?

It's hard to argue with this list.  Many of the best coaches in the league are at the top of the list and vice versa.

You would argue that fans love coaches that win.  Simple as that.  They need to have a good plan, make the game exciting to watch, get the most out of their players, and win.

McDermott has been able to do all of that.  Now, the big challenge for him - can he find a way to help his team, excuse the cliche, get over the hump?

[THREAD] If McDermott takes this Bills team to the Super Bowl, and ultimately wins it, will he instantly become the best Head Coach in Bills history?

A Reddit thread began circulating on social media, and the subreddit has a variety of responses.

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