If you travel throughout this holiday season through the Buffalo Niagara international airport you may see more dogs hard at work.

Senator Chuck Schumer, from New York, has urged the transportation security administration do use more dogs to help keep travelers safe. Staffing levels may be short just like they are everywhere else this holiday season and as a result dogs may be more than use to protect travelers that come through the airport.

My father-in-law was a canine handler for a few police agencies here in western New York before he passed in 2016. I was impressed by how much work goes into training these beautiful animals and getting them ready to do their work. There is a special bond between an officer/handler and their dog. Seeing the chemistry between the right combination is truly impressive. The dog would basically do just about anything it’s handler wants it to including take a fatal action if need be to protect the handler.

Travelers and anyone around an area where a dog like this is at work should have a peaceful feeling knowing that these dogs are on the job. from explosives to weapons and even tracking down drugs and chasing an occasional bad guy, the police dogs that I have seen in action are nothing short of miraculous.

It is going to be a busy traveling season starting soon and I have a feeling many people are eager to get back to see their families after being at home in 2020 and not traveling. Be patient, wear your mask and be ready to see more four-legged officers around the airports when you travel this year.

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