This week the National Hockey League announced that Buffalo Sabre mascot Sabretooth was named the 2nd best mascot in the entire league.

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The NHL along with Play Canada conducted a poll with over 2000 people to see how fans felt about their team's mascot and Sabretooth got high marks in several categories.

Here is a look at how Sabretooth matched up with mascots from around the NHL.

Sabretooth ranks as the 2nd best mascot in the NHL.

Amongst Sabres fans surveyed, Sabretooth received a 3.89 ranking out of 5 (7th highest of any fanbase).

The top 5 best NHL mascots according to fans: 1. Carlton the Bear (Toronto) 2. Sabretooth (Buffalo) 3. Howler the Coyote (Arizona) 4. Louis (St. Louis) 5. Slapshot (Washington).

The worst NHL mascots according to fans: 1. Stringer (Columbus) 2. Harvey the Hound (Calgary) 3. Spartacat (Ottawa) 4. Youppi! (Montreal) 5. Fin the Whale (Vancouver).

The most obnoxious mascots in the NHL: 1. Gritty (Philadelphia) 2. Al the Octopus (Detroit) 3. Harvey the Hound (Calgary) 4. Youppi! (Montreal) 5. Bailey (Los Angeles).

So if Sabretooth is the 2nd best mascot in the National Hockey League, where does he stand among all the mascots here in Western New York.

We asked on Social media for people to share who was their favorite mascots and it looks like Sabretooth comes in 2nd place again. The highest amount of votes came in for Sabretooth's housemate Rax from the Buffalo Bandits. Buster Bison got a couple of votes as well as Celery who is known for his racing abilities at Bison games.

Billy Buffalo didn't receive a single vote which means to me more people are focused on how the team is playing and Josh Allen than what the mascot is doing.

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