As we move in to another month and the weather starts to get better, you can already see more people out and about. May is here and that means that schools will be winding down for the year and more people will be out walking. How focused are you on what is happening when you drive?

There is nothing that shakes your nerves like being pulled over by a police officer when you are driving. If you are given a traffic/speeding ticket, what will it mean for you financially or for your insurance bill? It seems that all drivers get a ticket at some point in their driving career.

It is common knowledge that we are supposed to slow down in certain areas when we drive. School zones and construction sites are the most common areas that call for a reduced speed. There is also the move over law to remember and as construction season starts that is even more important than ever.

But now there are new areas that will be monitored when you are driving in portions of New York State. Specifically in New York City, there will be new restrictions on speed around places that have more senior citizens.

According to at least one report:

Under the bill, the DOT will now be tasked with installing traffic calming devices such as speed bumps and signs to slow cars that enter areas with a high concentration of older New Yorkers.


That's pretty incredible if true! Just imagine the things that $1 billion could provide in New York City.

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