Last night the Vegas Golden Knights took on Vancouver in a game that went into overtime.  But what Buffalo fans will love is the iconic image at the end.

It feels fair to say that The Vegas Golden Knights are definitely seeing a change from the day that they traded for Jack Eichel.  Sadly, it's the opposite of the change that they were hoping for.

Before Eichel came to Vegas, they had almost a 90% chance of making the playoffs.  Just a month ago, however, that chance had dropped to below 40%.  Things have only gotten worse since he's gotten there.

He didn't win any fans back after his return to Buffalo either, so many people who used to support him have hopped off that wagon too.

Last night when the Vegas Golden Knights played the Vancouver Canucks they were able to force overtime with a goal with just :42 seconds left in the period.  However, overtime was quick.

As it stands right now, the Golden Knights are out of a playoff spot with just 85 points and 8 games remaining.

But the thing that Buffalo fans will relish is the look on Jack Eichel's face as the overtime goal goes in.  The shocked look of disbelief is one that we are familiar with here.



And now, people are starting to have fun with it...

Eichel did get tossed pretty good before the goal too....

It's really sad how things ended up with Eichel at the end of his time here in Buffalo.  It would be nice if we could just move on from the whole thing but after he returned and showed his true colors here, it does still kind of feel good to not see him succeed in Vegas too.  It makes you wonder just what the real problem was when he was here.

Jack Eichel Has Been Traded? Who Did The Sabres Trade For?

Jack Eichel Has Been Traded? Who Did The Sabres Trade For?  Who did the Sabres get for Jack Eichel?

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