Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a TV show? Now you can feel like you’re a part of one in real life!

It is the longest running animated TV show in America, and it’s coming to Buffalo! 

How cool would it be to step into The Simpsons universe? Because for a limited time only, you can!

It is perfect timing too, with Season 35 of The Simpsons expected to premiere October 1 at 8 PM on FOXTV. It will be made available the next day on HULU, as well. 

Remember Moe’s Tavern from the show?

It’s the place where Homer & his friends usually go, and this week, you can be there too because it’s actually here in Western New York for a limited time! 

Steel Leaf Brewing Company is hosting a Moe’s Tavern Pop Up ahead of the new season release of The Simpsons, and they’re pretty excited for it. 

Iconic Moe’s Tavern will be opened at Steel Leaf Brewing Company, located 4545 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY. 

Don’t be afraid to dress up as your favorite Simpsons characters. 

You can visit Moe’s Tavern up until Sunday, September 17, so get your costumes together and have some fun! 

Steel Leaf Brewing Company, known temporarily as Moe’s Tavern, is serving a special Buffalo/Simpsons combo beer – called Duffalo. It’s available in draft and 12 oz 6 packs. 

It’s definitely a unique experience, and it’s right here in Western New York!

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