It almost sounds like a movie or the basis for a mystery novel. But what a farmer found in his field was definitely not science fiction.

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We were just talking about Rob Banks' skydiving expedition the other day on Clay and Company.  Like many people, it was a bucket list item that Rob was reluctant to check off his list. Ever since his plunge from the plane, Rob has had some fear of heights.

But what if you are someone who has always dreamed of skydiving and have a prosthetic leg? I guess there is a chance that it could become detached when you exit the plane.

According to the report,  Chris Marckres said he went for a tandem jump on Saturday with Vermont Skydiving Adventures and didn't realize his leg was missing until he landed safely on the ground.  Marckres posted on Facebook asking for local residents to be on the look out for his leg and to return it if they find it.

The leg has been returned to the skydiver.

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