We're getting into that time of the year where the weather gets a bit stickier and the warm air is with us to stay. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it also brings the chance for thunderstorms and severe weather.

The weather on Wednesday will be pretty mild -- between 63-70 degrees, but rain and thunderstorms will be rolling through Western New York later on this afternoon and they have the chance to be severe.

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According to WIVB 4 Warn Weather, isolated and scattered thunderstorms will roll through the area and they could be severe. These thunderstorms can bring high winds and even hail, with all the rain; so be prepared if you're going to be driving this afternoon.

In fact, there's even a small chance for a tornado developing today...

We have had tornadoes here in Western New York before, but they're pretty rare. Two of the most famous were in 1987 and 2006 -- both in Cheektowaga and took nearly the same path. There was also a small one that ripped over the Hamburg Fairgrounds in 2017, which caused some damage to the property, but luckily, nobody was hurt.

The winds with these isolated and scattered thunderstorms could bring damaging winds, however, even if a tornado doesn't come with it. If there's anything in your yard that is prone to flying away, make sure it's taken inside.

Probably a good idea to grab the rain gear as well. It's officially thunderstorm season in Western New York.

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