Just about everyone is talking about the pending laws that will change the way we heat our homes and businesses here in New York State. When the laws are confirmed by the governor, they are expected to start enforcing in 2025. This means the clock is ticking for you to prepare for the switch to all electric.

New homes and businesses will be prevented from installing appliances that use fossil fuels (gas) to heat or power them. Most are saying that electric power is less efficient way to heat.But that won't stop the laws from happening.

There are many who are upset about this law and wondering how it will be enforced and at what cost? What will be the damage to businesses and will New York help pay for the cost of the new appliances for homeowners?

The other question that needs to be asked is, what about cigarettes? There are millions of people who smoke in New York State. Consider New York City...how many smokers? Doesn't that have an impact? The truth is, New York State gets MILLIONS IN TAX money from cigarette sales. No matter the harm to people who smoke or the impact on the environment, an all out smoking ban has never really been considered.

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