February is finally gone and we can start looking forward to spring with the arrival of March. Even though spring officially arrives in the third week of March, usually this month involves a massive swing in temperatures.

It could be 30 degrees one day and 55-60 degrees the next, you just never know. April is typically the month we see more warmer temperatures on a regular basis.

It's still technically winter, and it will feel wintry across New York State late on Wednesday and into Thursday morning.

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If you have not heard, there's a snow system working its way towards the region once again and will deliver a shot of accumulating snow into early Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, a snow event will be in Western New York by late afternoon on Wednesday and work its way into the rest of the state by the evening.

The City of Buffalo will only see around an inch of snow, but most other regions will see great amounts.

Batavia to Rochester will see up to three inches of snow, with potentially greater amounts up by Oswego and Pulaski, New York. Those east of Lake Ontario should see more snow than those in Western New York. Multiple inches are possible for the Finger Lakes.

The silver lining with the weather is that we will have another shot of warm weather this weekend, with 60 degrees possible for the state on Sunday.

Yes, 60 degrees!

The downside to that is rain and wind will accompany the warm air, but it sure beats the bitter cold and snow.

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