While many are waking up to another round of lake effect snow, there are some who are merely watching the snow fly on their social media feeds in New York State. However, beyond the mountains of snow that has fallen in places like Western and Central New York, there is a new snow total record that has everyone talking.

The winter took some time to get here across New York State. The Christmas season was green for the most part and it was not until last week that we saw the winds move in the snow across the great lakes. the good news and the bad news is that the lakes are not going to freeze this winter. Spring may be earlier than expected although the snow totals may be large for some before that happens.

The New York City area has been in what some called a snow drought and has not seen any measurable snow for hundreds of days. That record of consecutive days without any measurable snow is over according to the National Weather Service office in New York City.

New York City's two-year snowless streak of 701 days has come to an end.

The cold weather is here for a few more days before a slight January thaw starts to take over and there is the potential for rain!

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