Oprah Winfrey – one of the richest and most influential women in the world. She had that popular daytime talk show, she created her own TV network. She’s also had her own magazine since 2000 and she’s always appeared on the cover. She says the toughest one to do was just after 9-11 because she had such a tough time smiling.

The first time she invited someone to join her on the cover of “O” magazine was in April of 2009 with First Lady Michelle Obama. In December, 2009 she invited Ellen DeGeneres to join her.
Now for the first time she’s inviting a man to join her on the cover of the January issue. Dr. Oz – a guy she invited to her TV show on a regular basis.
She was his first guest on a TV show that Dr. Oz and his wife created for the Discovery Channel in 2003. Ever since then they’ve been close friends. She says “as we toast to a new year and encourage readers to take the first step toward a happier, healthier life, who better to help us get on the right path than my dear friend – Dr. Oz.”
The January issue hits newsstands December 13th.