Erie County is still in the process of snow removal after the massive lake effect snowstorm, which ravaged the region from Saturday through Sunday.

40 inches of snow fell in Hamburg, while over three feet fell in nearby places such as Lackawanna, South Buffalo, Orchard Park and West Seneca.

You may have heard that we have another lake effect snowstorm on the way. It looks eerily similar to the storm that we just had.

The only good news here is the winds won't be quite as bad with this lake effect snowstorm, which lasts Tuesday night and into Thursday night. The winds will gust to 40-45 mph, vs. the 65-70 wind gusts we saw this past Saturday.

However, the expected snow totals have been creeping up. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for Erie, Wyoming and Genesee counties. Anywhere from 1-3 feet of snow is expected.

Its path looks to be almost identical to the first storm. The epicenter of this snowstorm looks to be from the Buffalo metro to the south towns, with South Buffalo directly in the bullseye for this storm.

South Buffalo was slammed this past weekend, with over three feet of snow. Now, another three feet could fall. None of the past snowstorm has melted due to the temperatures.

If you remember, South Buffalo was hard hit in the lake effect snowstorm of November, 2022, as well as the Christmas blizzard. If you have lived in South Buffalo for a while, it's hard to remember the last time that the area has been such a direct hit for lake effect snowstorms.

Travel may be impossible at times, especially Wednesday, so plan accordingly. Don't drive if you see near zero visibility.

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