Fewer people are flying than ever, and to try to attract travellers, Southwest Airlines is offering an unheard of promotion -- you get the airline's usually-elite Companion Pass through the end of February, for buying just one flight.

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For Rapids Rewards members, Southwest posted an enticing deal, and like any enticing deal, it does come with a host of restrictions as it relates to dates, but free is free, and that's a big part of the airline's latest promotion:

"Register, purchase, and fly one flight. Then take off with your favorite plus one* whenever you fly between 1/6-2/28/2021. Offer ends 9/24/2020–don’t let it pass by!" -Southwest.com

The promotional Companion Pass doesn't last a year like the one you would traditionally earn for reaching elite rewards status with Southwest, though.

Earlier this summer Jet Blue had a similar buy one, get one ticket promotion. 

Market analysts predict this September could be the worst on record for airlines.

Traditionally, air travel slows after Labor Day, and picks up again in the fall with business travel. Given travel restrictions and the mass migration to virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, business travel is expect to remain far lower than in previous years.

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