While we wait for Santa to arrive, there is a Grinch hard at work in New York State and a popular cable company is sending out a warning. A new scam has been causing concern for customers around New York.

This is the time of the year that people are most vulnerable. As we are spending more and more for things and focused on the Holiday, it can be easy to fall for a deal that seem to good to be true. When you see sale, how likely are you to act on it? The deal is made even sweeter when there is a Target gift card added as a bonus.

Those who have Spectrum for cable or internet are being warned about a scam that is floating around and comes in the form of a call, text or email.

According to Spectrum, the deal includes a Target gift card.

Scammers posing as Spectrum are targeting customers with a 50% discount offer to their monthly bill for cable services over a 12-month period, which can only be activated by purchasing Target Gift Cards. This is part of a known fraud scam targeting Spectrum customers.

The rising cost and fees with cable and internet are tough for people to pay these days. Many are either downsizing their accounts or are eliminating cable all together. We spoke to one listener who was called and offered the 50% off deal.

"I realized what was happening. The scammers put me on hold and tried to log on to my Spectrum account using my pass code. They then asked me to buy a gift card and wanted my credit card number. I figured it was weird so I hung up and called Spectrum. Spectrum changed my account pass code right away".

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