If you use Spectrum for your cable and internet get ready to see an increase in your bill.

The internet and cable provider announced that they will be raising their rates starting this month.

The company said that some rates for its Spectrum TV Select plans will increase because of the cost of local broadcast channels.


"The Broadcast TV Surcharge reflects the continually and rapidly rising cost of local broadcast channels. For TV, this is the first change in the package price of our new Spectrum TV Select, Silver and gold plans since we began introducing them in late 2016, and reflects the rising cost of cable programming over the past three years. Our services are competitively priced and we provide our customers with superior products at a great value."

Customers who have stand alone internet can also expect an increase in their rates.

Spectrum TV Gold will increase by $7.50 while standard internet service will increase  by $4.00. The broadcast TV surcharge will increase $1.51 and the cable box fee is going up by 49-cents per receiver.


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