Although 2020 has been a challenge for all artists in all genres of music, the rising stars of country music are working hard to stay on top of their game and continue to write and record great songs. I spoke with Leah Turner about her new song, he life during a pandemic and her newest addition to her family!

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Leah Turner was in Buffalo 7 years ago and treated out listeners to a great lunchtime show in Blasdell. It was just after she released her song "Take The Keys" and played our "Eat and Greet" series. Since then, Leah has been working hard and has found her niche within country music by highlighting her Latino heritage.

With all of the great songs, and artists and groups that country music features, Leah Turner has found a way to break away from the pack. Her gritty and sultry voice combined with her passion for the words she is singing makes for the perfect combination. It is blended perfectly on her new hit "Once Upon A Time IN Mexico."

Turner has been busy writing, spending time with her family and taking care of her dog that she rescued from the side of the road! According to Leah "...she is so sweet and so grateful and beautiful. She's alot like humans; just grateful to be loved."

It goes without saying that country music brings an energy and a message within it's most powerful songs. If you can take away a feeling or a new lesson for life, the artist has done their job. I think Leah Turner summed it up best when she told me "...lead with love. Be the best version of you that you can be..."

Leah Turner

"Once Upon A Time In Mexico" is available now and the video is steamy! With all of the stress and anxiety we are all feeling this year, take a few minutes to relax and imagine a little romance in Mexico!

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