It's finally spring, as in, the official start of spring.

For anyone in the northeast and New York State, it's been a downright brutal start to 2022 in terms of the weather. It's hard to recall a winter in recent memory that was that cold and that snowy. January and February in particular.

This past week saw the return of temperatures into the 50's and even the mid-60's for much of New York State, and with the official arrival of spring you might think that the snow is gone for good.

Not just yet, unfortunately. There could very well be more snow on the way for New York State, and you shouldn't put your snow boots and shovels away just yet.

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Patrick Hammer of WGRZ in Buffalo was asked whether or not we should be putting our winter boots away and Hammer said to keep them handy.

There could be snow systems coming to New York and the northeast.

According to AccuWeather, the threat of snow and winter-like systems will stay through early April.

Senior Meteorologist and Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok says a few storms tracking from the northwest will cut through the midwest and northeast and combine with cold air, which could lead to more snowfall for portions of the country, including New York State.

As for how much snow a system tracking over the next two weeks could bring, that remains to be seen. It's not totally uncommon for late March or early April snowfall to strike the State of New York. In fact, it's almost common for those who live off Lake Erie or Lake Ontario.

It doesn't make it any easier, however. We definitely want the warmer weather, but it might not be here to stay for at least another three to four weeks.

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