If you love a hot cup of coffee to start your day, there is a good chance that you have a favorite blend. Here in the Western New York area, it seems to be that there are three main favorites and possibly a fourth if you include a local favorite.

Tim Horton's, Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks are the main three chain coffee places with Paula's Donuts being the fourth that people seem to love around Buffalo. For our family, it depends on who is driving. For me, it is a quick trip with our kids to Tim Horton's for mom, it's Starbucks.

Lucky for my wife, there are two new Starbucks locations going in not far from where we live. The newest location will be on McKinley Parkway in the Hamburg-Blasdell area in the T.J.Maxx plaza near the Wegman's.

The next coffee you get could be coming from the newest Starbucks location in Western New York.

New Starbucks In Hamburg, NY

There is another Starbucks going in just a few miles away near the village of Hamburg on South Park Avenue. This new location is in a great spot as the new stadium is being built just around the corner.

When we travel, I love a good Starbucks. However, at home these days I have been enjoying a good cup of instant coffee. Perhaps it is a bit of nostalgia that has me going back to the instant coffee. My parents would heat the kettle on the stove everyday and pour a cup of Maxwell House instant coffee. Just the smell of it takes me back to when I was a kid!

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