If you have been along the 90, 290, or 190 chances are you have seen the signs telling you to "Obey The Sign Or Pay The Fine". This week the New York State Police continue their efforts to crack down on speeding on the state main thruways.

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The current enforcement week began last Wednesday and will be in place until this Wednesday (8/12/20).

New York State Governor has been quoted many this over the past couple of days saying;

"Speed limits are not a suggestion, they are the law and they save lives,"

According to the State's website, the "No Excuses" enforcement blitz's goal is to stop speeding and prevent avoidable crashes caused by unsafe speed.

The website also states that according to data collected by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research fatal crashes due to unsafe speeds have increased from 2019 to 2020.

Unsafe speed was a contributing factor in 34 percent of all fatal crashes from January to May this year, compared to 30 percent of fatal crashes during the same period in 2019.

To help enforce "Speed Awareness Week" the New York State Police will have more
troopers observing the highways for unsafe speeding. On average nearly 2000 people die from car accidents in New York State every year.

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