The City of Buffalo has had over 2,000 car thefts in 2023 so far and there's no stopping them now.

If passed, a brand new law would be a huge change for thieves in New York State would specifically like to target cars and they're not getting off the hook anymore.

At least not easily. You don't go to jail for stealing cars in New York State.

Some police agencies have reported that when they arrest young people for stealing cars in New York State, the people getting arrested know that they are only getting an appearance tickets--and that is why people know they CAN steal cars without harsh consequences.

If you are caught and arrested right now in New York State for stealing a car, you get to go home after getting an appearance ticket. How does that make any sense?

New York State's bail reform makes this possible.

Enter the new law possible from New York  State Senator Jeremy Cooney's proposed Car Theft Prevention Act: it would make the new charges a felony and have bail. 

If they didn't make bail, then they would be locked up and wouldn't be able to go out there and do it again. We're seeing a lot of repeat offenders so it has the potential to crack down on that and it would be a deterrent as well. These young kids know that there's no bailout there," said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn according to WGRZ.

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