Would you be able to say something nice about one of your rivals if you were put on the spot?  Stefon Diggs was asked to do that...and the struggle was real.

Stefon Diggs was back at the Pro Bowl this year.  There's no doubt he's a huge star.  While he was there, he was interviewed by Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins.  Although, it shouldn't even really be called an interview.  He was asked one question by the Dolphins receiver.  Hill asked, "Can you say two nice things about the Miami Dolphins."  And yes...it was a struggle.

I think it's fair to say that we don't have to worry about the Dolphins romancing our wide receiver away from us.  The two initial things he said were:

"Great weather.  Like, if you want to get a tan, go to the Miami stadium, but only stay on our side."  He was referring to the fact that the visitor's side of the stadium gets so much more sun because of the way that it was positioned when it was built.  There's no shade for the opponents.

And the other thing was, "The got some good, um, halfway decent people over there.  Tyreek Hill is like, he's kind of a good person. Kind of...I guess."

Then he added, "I mean, I'm trying to find a real nice thing to say."  He liked the food.

So he mentioned the weather, and the people, and the food but really nothing about the team itself.  But be honest.  If you had to do the same thing about one of your rivals, would you be able to say something nice about them?

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