One Buffalo Bill was craving some fair food this week, and although the Erie County Fair is in full swing, he would have rather gone to Minnesota.

Before Stefon Diggs was a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, he was originally drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

He played with the team for 4 years before the Vikings traded Diggs to the Buffalo Bills in 2019. 

Since then, Diggs has fully embraced the City of Buffalo, and many homes across Western New York can be seen flashing their “Allen & Diggs” yard signs. 

We love Diggs, we really do, but his tweet from Tuesday night stings a little bit to those who love the Erie County Fair.

Diggs tweeted out that he was having some serious funnel cake withdrawals, which quickly had tons of responses from the Bills Mafia letting him know that the Erie County Fair is going on for a few more days. 

Soon after, Diggs tweeted out something else, clearly selecting a favorite when it comes to fairs across the country. 

Everyone from Western New York chimed in, to defend the Best 12 Days of Summer. 

The Minnesota State Fair didn’t seem to mind, though.

After hearing the comments from Stefon Diggs, Clay & Company asked the CEO of the Erie County Fair, Jessica Underberg, what her response was, and the answer was shocking. 

“I’ll tell you what, Stefon is not totally wrong,” CEO Jessica Underberg said. “Minnesota State Fair rocks.”

Underberg said that she would go with her daughters to fair conventions over the years, and the Minnesota State Fair actually sparked the idea for Erie County’s Little Hands On The Farm. 

“The birthing center ideas…a lot of that came from the Minnesota State Fair [as well],” Underberg said. “They do a great job. It is an excellent fair.”

“If you’re a fair fanatic, get to the Minnesota State Fair too because it is awesome.”

The Minnesota State Fair starts on Thursday, August 25, and it sounds like it may be worth the road trip! 

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