The Buffalo Bills are preparing for their third and final preseason game this Saturday, when they travel to play the Chicago Bears.

The Bills did not play well at all in the second preseason game of 2023, losing 27-15 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The first team offense and defense had a poor showing and the offensive line was particularly were the array of penalties.

Josh Allen looked fine, however, as did Stefon Diggs. They only hooked up twice for catches in the game but both looked to not need more preseason action before week 1.

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Diggs has been in the spotlight a lot since June. The pro bowl wide receiver reported to mandatory minicamp but left before the first practice, according to head coach Sean McDermott. This left fans and media wondering what was happening between Diggs, McDermott, Allen and OC Ken Dorsey?

Diggs was there for day two of minicamp and Diggs said things are fine, as did Allen, McDermott and Dorsey. There has not been an issue in training camp or the preseason.

However, one famous ESPN personality says otherwise.

Longtime ESPN TV personality, Stephen A. Smith said this morning on First Take that Diggs doesn't want to be in Buffalo.

"Diggs wants out by the way, I'm just telling you what I know, I got my own sources...he wants out, he doesn't want to be in Buffalo," said Smith.

As you can imagine, Bills fans did not take kindly to the statements by Smith, who for the record is not an insider.

There's no doubt Diggs was upset about something but saying he definitively wants out of Buffalo is quite the statement/report.

Diggs has four years remaining on his current contract. The dead cap hit would be $45 million in 2023 and $31 million in 2024. The cap hits are $14.8 and $27 million the next two seasons as well, so there is no chance Diggs gets moved, which must be said since many fans are saying "X team should trade for him>'

The Bills are also not trading their biggest offensive weapon, not named Josh Allen. Diggs is vital for the team's success and the Bills won 13 games in 2022. They lost three games by a combined score of eight points and have won the AFC East three straight seasons.

Diggs is not going anywhere, any time soon, but does he want out of Buffalo? That's what Smith claims.

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