A one word tweet from Stefon Diggs has the Bills Mafia wondering what the underlying meaning is. 

It’s no secret that Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are close. They have always had each other’s back. Most recently, after Josh Allen was hard on himself in a press conference after the loss to the New York Jets, Stefon Diggs took to Twitter to defend his best friend. 

Plus, have you seen this picture? The chemistry is so obvious. These guys are besties for the restie

For the last several days, the Bills Mafia has been paying close attention to Josh Allen’s health and whether or not his arm is going to be OK after one play towards the end of the 4th quarter led to one Jets player colliding with Josh’s arm. 

After the play, Josh Allen was grabbing his forearm, and many were concerned that our star quarterback would be out for the season.

Before we received any concrete news about the injury, a tweet surfaced from none other than Stefon Diggs. 

It only had one word: Rejoice. 

Many people wondered if the tweet was in regards to the elections, but it is clear now that Stefon Diggs was sending a secret message about his pal Josh. 

Ian Rapoport, a national Insider for NFL Network, confirmed that Josh Allen is dealing with a sprained right elbow. Sources are saying that he has a UCL injury that will limit him this week, making it unclear whether or not Josh will be in the lineup against the Viking. However, it sounds like the injury will be manageable going forward.  

Although it was never confirmed outright that the “rejoice” was for Josh, it really looks like it might have been. Go Bills! 

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