If I was going to buy a dream home, and I'm talking about a price tag I will probably never be able to afford, then it would likely be somewhere in the countryside. My fiancée has the same thoughts -- to have a dream home away from it all and to relax in the front lawn without a care in the world.

Perhaps a place south or east of the City of Buffalo. Elma is one of the most beautiful places to raise a family in Western New York and there's a stunning home for sale in Elma that puts you in awe when you check out some of the photos.

This home located on Bowen Rd. in Elma is listed on Zillow for $1.25 million. It features six bedrooms and four bathrooms, with over 5,300-square-feet of space to roam around.

Not only that, but it also has four wood-burning fireplaces and perhaps the best part of the property is the giant outdoor pool that certainly looks like it belongs to a $1.25 million home.

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There's also a huge front porch deck that you can relax on when the weather is as nice as it is this week in Western New York.

You can check out some of the photos of the amazing property below, courtesy of Zillow.

Step Inside The Most Expensive Home For Sale in Elma

This property in Elma is absolutely stunning!

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This lakefront property is the definition of a dream home.

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