There are some flat-out strange police reports and reasons police are dispatched to certain situations. If you have ever seen a blotter report, it's full of some odd and crazy things.

You can go ahead and file this under the strange and bizarre.

According to the West Seneca Police Department, a patrol report says that yesterday there was a parakeet that was "fighting with another bird" in the middle of the street and holding up traffic. No, really...

I have so many questions.

First of all, was the other bird a parakeet? Or was it some other kind of bird? Also, how big of a bird fight was this that 1) caused traffic to be held up bad enough and 2) required a patrol report?

I also am dying to know which street this happened at. Could you imagine if it was Union Road near the 400 or Southgate Plaza? That would definitely require a lot of traffic and must have been quite the sight.

The replies to the West Seneca Police Department's tweet were just as hilarious.

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The only time I have ever seen traffic held up because of an animal, are deer (obviously) and ducks crossing in the middle of the road, which will always cause humanity to come to a complete stop and it's amazing to witness.

Did anyone see this parakeet fighting in the streets of West Seneca?

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