When I was a kid, I remember other kids doing some really strange things to their food at lunch...and then eating it!  I'll never forget the time I saw someone put Doritos on their sandwich and eat it.  Turns out that one was pretty good.  So this weekend, I tried something a little different on a burger.

Really, the only way to find out what's good is to try new stuff.  Sometimes that means you'll take a risk and try something that's awful.  But sometimes you luck out.  Who would have thought that guacamole would be so good on a burger?

This weekend I tried some homemade macaroni and cheese on a burger.  Yup...they were both on the plate at the same time, so I thought, "What the heck?" and I loaded up my burger with mac and cheese.

It was awesome!  So now with the summer coming, I'm going to be grilling quite a bit.  It's my favorite summertime activity.  What is the strangest thing that you've ever put on a burger and liked?  If I get enough, I'll try them all.  And I'll put them on a video so that you can see me trying them.