Sometimes I have to think "is this serious?!" I can't believe a judge sent someone to jail for 30 days OVER THIS.

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You wouldn't think that stealing rain would be an offense punishable by jailing, or even something that is possible. But a rural Oregon man, Gary Harrington, was sentenced to 30 days for doing just that.

Gary lives in an area that is prone to wildfires. He collects rain and snow runoff in barrels on his property, mainly in case a wildfire breaks out by his house.

Well, get this. The state of Oregon says those barrels are illegal reservoirs, and that damn water is owned by the Medford Water Commission.

But, they rain on his property first, right?

Gary had even previously tried applying for permits to collect the water (no joke), but they were denied. So, he just let it continue to rain into his contraptions. What a criminal this guy is! The judge should be jailed for giving us all a headache.