With some 27,000 locations in the United States, by far, Subway has the most locations of any restaurant chain.  It appears that's way too many.  According to multiple sources, Subway will be closing approximately 500 restaurants across the country this year.

But that doesn't mean the company is intent on downsizing.  Quite the contrary.  While Subway will close restaurants in the U.S. they plan to open 1,000 new restaurants overseas.  Their plans are to concentrate the opening of new stores in Germany, Great Britain and Asia.

Subway will be remodeling some of their restaurants, introducing new menu items and installing self-ordering stations in many of their locations.

There's nearly 50 Subway locations in Erie County alone.  If you're hungry for a sandwich it's a pretty good bet there'll be a Subway just around the corner from where you are at any given moment.  So far, there's no indication of which locations are slated to close.

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