It's a popular site for people to flock to but it's been shut down for 11 months.  Now, the Sunflowers of Sanborn is open once again.

You'll find them on Saunders-Settlement Road in the town of Cambria.  Something you couldn't say at the end of last year.

The Sunflowers of Sanborn had become a very popular place for people to come, take some pictures, and just soak in the beauty of all those sunflowers.  But it had to be shut down last year by the town of Cambria after concern about the activities on the property seemed to violate an area that was zoned as "residential."

According to WIVB, Louise Brachmann is the owner of the property and she has negotiated with the town to allow her to reopen.  She says it took a couple things to be allowed to reopen for the public:

“The first thing we did, which the customers won’t notice, was we did apply for a special permit to get our food truck and our vendors here. The second thing we did, which everyone will notice,” Brachmann continued, “we did put a second driveway through the field, which goes out onto Baer Road.”

The farm will be open through the second week in September from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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