The operators of the Sunflowers of Sanborn have been ordered to halt operations after receiving a Cease and Desist order from the Town of Cambria.  The town claims the order is the result of a violation of a zone ordinance that prohibits the sale of food and beverages along with games and activities at the site.

Chad and Louise Brachmann, the owners of the land along Baer and Saunders Settlement Roads planted sunflowers on their property last year in memory of Louise's late mother who was fond of sunflowers.  Soon people were stopping their cars along the busy highway to take pictures and to enter the fields.

This year, with the safety of visitors in mind, the couple stepped it up a notch by installing a parking area and adding concessions and activities.  A portion of the proceeds are intended to be donated to charity.

The Cease and Desist order mandates that the Brachmann's must cancel their Fall Fest 2018 event that was planned for October 20 and 27th.

In no uncertain terms the Cease and Desist order directs the Brachmann's to "immediately cancel the activities proposed for October 20, 2018 and October 27, 2018 and any other such or similar activities that may be contemplated for any other date or time on said premises; to immediately cease and desist from operating the businesses now being operated on said premises; to immediately remove from the said premises each and every moveable building and shed on said premises; to immediately remove any and all games, entertainment devices and activities from said premises; to immediately cease and desist from the sale of food, beverages, ice cream, trinkets, souvenirs, and any other sale activities whatsoever and the charging for admission to the premises."

Blah, blah, blah.  I bet town officials in Cambria drive around looking for lemonade stands to shut down too.  Isn't there some middle ground for this "heaven on earth" attraction that the owners and the town can agree on?

At this point, the town isn't having any of it.  The town wants the attraction shut down and put out of business.  They call the whole attraction a code violation.

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