The owners of the Sunflowers of Sanborn had to close on Saturday, due to the unsafe conditions caused by the weather.

Unfortunately, some people decided to trespass and steal sunflowers at the site while they were closed, by hopping the fence and stealing the sunflowers; they even had the chain at the exit broke. It got so bad that the Niagara County Sheriff's had to be called to the scene.

According to WIVB, someone tipped off authorities that people were trespassing the property and that's when the Niagara County Sheriff called the owners.

This was from owner Louise Brachmann, who posted an update on the Sunflowers of Sanborn's Facebook page:

"On behalf of my husband Chad and I, we are deeply devastated that we had to experience such disrespect at our fields yesterday that we put our hearts and soul into to make it a great family attraction for everyone to enjoy.

On Saturday 8/17, we were forced to close because Mother Nature did not want us open. We do not like to close but when the grounds are unsafe we have to close our gates for the safety of everyone in our Fields.

It saddens us to know that we had many people take advantage of us being closed yesterday by jumping over our fence, stealing our sunflowers, breaking our chain off of our exit and even had to have the Niagara County sheriffs called because people would not stop entering the property.

We are all volunteers here at the Sunflowers of Sanborn and it breaks our heart knowing all of our hard work to try and keep the grounds FREE to enter is being taking advantage of when we close our gates.

We know this is not everyone and we appreciate everyone who comes and visits us on a daily basis!"

-- Louise

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